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NEWS !! SelfieBooth Events will add another string to its bow.

Indeed, by the end of 2023, and following a certifying training, we will offer, in addition to our photobooth rentals and event photographer services, it will now be offered via our website, high-end drone services. Aerial shots giving spectacular images!! Most already know my passion for image and video editing, and it seems obvious to me to continue my journey with these marvels of technology.
Beyond the achievements for events (weddings for example), we will also offer: - Monitoring of farms - Monitoring of industrial sites - Inspection of infrastructures (roofs for example) - Shooting of buildings (for the sale of a private property for example) or of agglomerations - Photo or video report with individuals or professionals (youtubers, directors, journalists, etc.)

I'll let you know more in the fall !! Until then, take care of yourself :)

05 août, 2023

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